About the Journal

Journal of Statistics and Data Science (JSDS) is a journal managed by Department of Statistics, Universitas Brawijaya, Malang, Indonesia, which is published twice a year (in March and October).

The objectives of Journal of Statistics and Data Science are to publish and disseminate high quality of original research papers about the application of statistics and data science in many areas, or case driven theoretical development of statistics and data sciences.

The journal covers the following topics: Experimental Design, General Linear Model and Generalized Linear Model, Bayesian, Time Series, Spatial. Econometrics, Big Data, Machine Learning, Panel Model, Computational Statistics, Operation Research, Actuarial and Finance, Statistical Quality Control, and related topics.

Upon its submission, the Editor in Chief decides on the suitability of the paper’s content for the aim and scope of JSDS. If the Editor in Chief considers the paper is suitable, then the paper will be sent for peer reviewing by two peer reviewers.

Journal of Statistics and Data Science maintains double anonymity, so neither the peer reviewers nor the author(s) can be identified by one another. The peer reviewers are the respectful scholars of the areas.